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How to Block a Number

Almost everyone can relate to the irritation and frustration caused by the unknown number that keeps calling…


The Ultimate Guide To The Best Desi Food In Karachi

Karachiites are foodies. There’s nothing more they love than food. And when it comes to desi food, the choices are endless. There are many restaurants in Karachi that offer some of the best barbeques, karhais, biryanis and nihairs. From the tender and juicy malai botis to the spicy and delectable niharis, the desi cuisines in Karachi are…

Top Ten Most Popular Pakistani Dishes

Pakistan’s food culture has been developed over time by people of various ethnicities that live in the country. Our food culture is heavily influenced by the subcontinent and the people who ruled it. We have adopted various dishes from our…

Pakistani Traditional Dishes & Popular Food

Pakistani cuisine is all about rich food, with lots of meat and less vegetables. There are a lot of traditional Pakistani dishes that are famous all over the world. Every country has its own traditional food based on the taste of the region…


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