Airlift, a new start-up, raising 2.2 million dollars in a shot span of time

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We all have heard about Careem and Uber being the top ways of commutation in Pakistan. Recently, a new startup named “Airlift” took over the streets of Lahore and Karachi with their air-conditioned vans and buses.

“Airlift” is owned by Usman Gul, Ahmed Ayub, Meher Farrukh, Awaab Khaakwany, Zohaib Ali and Muhammad Owais. The new startup was successful in securing 2.2 million dollars that is a major milestone achieved by the company.

The owners of Airlift are planning to move their service to Bangladesh and Kenya; however, we believe that the new service must be introduced in all the parts of the country. With these premium quality rides, it will prove to be the best public transportation for people.

You can easily sign up on the Airlift application and reserve your seats by selecting pick up and drop off location. The application is easily available for both android and apple users. You can easily pay with debit/credit cards or cash.

There is a possibility that “Airlift” might take the place of No. 1 public transportation in Lahore and Karachi enabling people to commute easily and without any worry.

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