All About Jazz 3G Internet Packages That You Want to Know

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Jazz was leading the subscriber charts in Pakistan telecommunication industry and further increased the lead after its merger with Warid with more than 53 million subscribers under its umbrella. The cellular network is now providing 2G, 3G, and 4G internet services to its users. Jazz is offering different internet packages that can be subscribed with the use of Jazz internet devices i.e. MiFi, Dongles, and Wingles.

All the Jazz 3G devices, that the company is offering, feature monthly packages mostly with prepaid subscriptions available to get the offers. The telecom company right now does not have any post paid plans for its Jazz 3G devices.

Jazz 3G Devices

Different Jazz 3G devices are available that include Jazz 3G Wingle Wi-Fi device, Jazz Wi-Fi Device, Jazz Speed Net Stick, and others. Apart from the 3G devices that the company is offering to its customers, there are 4G devices that are also available in the market. The 4G devices sold by Jazz include Jazz 4G Wi-Fi Device and Jazz 4G Wingle Device.

Jazz Speed Net

The Jazz Speed Net 3G enabled USB dongle was launched by the company in 2014 in order to provide high speed internet with plug and play technology. However, there is no Wi-Fi technology in the device which means that the device cannot be connected with other devices. The Speed Net is available at a price of Rs. 700.

Jazz 3G Wingle With Wi-Fi

The Jazz 3G Wingle device is same as the Speed Net but the major difference is that it has a Wi-Fi network as well through which other devices can also be connected. Just like the Speed Net, the Jazz 3G Wingle device is also a plug and play device that can be connected to any USB port. Up to 10 Wi-Fi devices can be connected through the Jazz 3G Wingle device. The device is priced at Rs. 1,850.

Jazz Wi-Fi Device

Unlike the other two Jazz 3G devices, the Jazz Wi-Fi device is not a plug and play device. It has a built-in battery with charging life of 6 hours on a single charge. A total of 10 devices can be connected with the device, which also has a 3G/2G fallback option to ensure that there is internet connectivity all the time. The Jazz Wi-Fi device is available in the market for Rs. 2,850.

Jazz 3G Internet Device Packages

Currently, the company is offering three different internet packages that can be used with all 3G devices. Three internet packages i.e. Monthly Internet Basic, Monthly Internet Regular, and Monthly Internet Heavy are being offered for the devices. Below are the details on how the packages can be activated and deactivated for the devices.

BasicRs. 999 (Recharge Amount)30 GB30 Days (15 GB usable 1am to 9pm)*117*71# Status code *117*71*2#
RegularRs. 1500 (Recharge Amount)60GB30 Days (30 GB usable 1am to 9am)*117*73# Status code *117*73*2#
MegaRs. 2000 (Recharge Amount)100GB30 Days (50 GB usable 1am to 9am)*117*36# Status code *117*36*2#
HeavyRs. 2500 (Recharge Amount)150GB30 Days (75 GB usable 1am to 9am)*117*74# Status code *117*74*2#
3 Months BundleRs. 4000 (Recharge Amount)36GB90 Days (3 months)*117*15# Status code *117*17*2#
6 Months BundleRs. 10,000 (Recharge Amount)75GB180 Days (6 months)*117*16# Status code *117*18*2#

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