Here’s How to Get a Minor Passport in Pakistan

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Passport for minors must also be valid for at least 7 months when you travel, so if you are planning a trip abroad soon make sure your passports have enough time to expire. An MRP (Machine Readable Passport) is issued to all Pakistani citizens upon applying. The application process of a Machine Readable Passport for minors is quite simple and you can do it online.

Document Requirements

You will need the following documents for the issuance of passport to minors below 18 years of age.

  • Color scanned copies of their valid NICOP, Smart Card, B-form or Family Registration Certificate.
  • Color scanned copies of the parents’ valid CNICs.
  • If the parents have separated or the child is adopted, a guardianship certificate or court decision must be presented.
  • Color scanned copies of the minor’s attestation form.
  • Color scanned copy of the parent’s death certificate if any parent is deceased.
  • Color scanned copy of Visa/Aqama/Asylum card or other nationality passports (in-case of dual nationality)
  • Old Passport (if any)
  • An original bank challan.

The validity of MRP Passport for Minors

MRP passport for a minor can have validity for either 5 years or for 10 years. But for children under 15 years of age, the issued passport will have 5 years’ validity.

Time Duration to Receive an MRP Passport

The time duration to receive an MRP passport is 10 days for Normal applications and 4 days for urgent applications.

Charges for an MRP Passport for Minors

The following are the charges for an MRP passport.

Charges for MRP having Validity of 5 Years

  • Normal (36 pages) – Rs: 3,000/-
  • Normal (72 pages) – Rs: 5,000/-
  • Normal (100 pages) – Rs: 6,000/-
  • Urgent (36 pages) – Rs: 5,000/-
  • Urgent (72 pages) – Rs: 9,000/-
  • Urgent (100 pages) – Rs: 12,000/-

Charges for MRP having Validity of 5 Years

  • Normal (36 pages) – Rs: 5,400/-
  • Normal (72 pages) – Rs: 9,900/-
  • Normal (100 pages) – Rs: 10,000/-
  • Urgent (36 pages) – Rs: 9,000/-
  • Urgent (72 pages) – Rs: 16,000/-
  • Urgent (100 pages) – Rs: 21,000/-

Where to Apply?

You can apply for an MRP for minors online from here.

The online application for the renewal of MRP for Minors Only. And if you want to apply for an MRP passport for the first time, apply for modifications in name, date of birth, etc, a reprint exhaust if all the old passport pages are full and apply for a replacement of a lost passport then you will have to visit the nearest Pakistan Embassy, High Commission or Consulate General of Pakistan.

If you are searching for the nearest passport office then you can find them here.

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