Arslan Ash, a 23-Year-Old Pakistani, becomes the world champion of Tekken 7 at Evo 2019

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Tekken has so many childhood memories attached to it but nobody thought that they could make a career in it. Gaming industry is becoming more and more interesting with some new amazing games being launched in the market. Apart from it, the recent competitions are encouraging youngsters to bring their gaming skills for a better use.

Recently, Arslan Ash who is a 23-Year-Old became the world champion of Tekken 7 at Evo 2019 and won a prize money of $14,000. This competition is considered as one of the most entertaining video game competition of all times. Arslan Ash won the title of winner after defeating many players at Evo 2019 that took place at Las Vegas.

This is not it, Arslan also won Evo Japan in the same year along with Evo US. Here is the interview of Arslan Ash who talks about his experience at Evo US 2019.

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