Basic Checklist for Safe Travel During Pregnancy

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Traveling is fun, especially when you’ve planned it with your family. However, there are circumstances when you need to be extra cautious and need to make preparations beforehand. One such situation is traveling during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, you need to be sure that you’ve packed all the essentials and have not left out on any.

However, amidst all the preparations, you might think is it safe to travel during pregnancy or will the journey during pregnancy be fun and exciting.  Well, travelling in pregnancy is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is to prepare a pregnancy travel packing list that’ll help you pack all the needed items. If you’re unsure as to what to include in the list, here are a few essentials that should be on your packing checklist:

Doctor-Approved Meds

Pack a sufficient amount of prescribed medicines while traveling. The quantity of your medicines will also depend on your destination and the time period of your stay. However, for a safe travel period, be sure to take along all approved doc medicines. If you’re travelling during early pregnancy, pack a few over the counter medicines as well. These are pregnant essentials and should be with you throughout your travel period.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are extremely essential multivitamins for women during pregnancy. They help cover all nutritional gaps in the mother’s diet. Thus, these pregnancy vitamins should not be avoided at any cost. Depending on the ones that your doctor has prescribed, pack enough that’ll last your whole trip. While packing vitamin tablets, use a pillbox or else they would get crushed.

For-the-Road Snacks

How would you curb your sudden cravings? What if there isn’t anything healthy at the airport? To save yourself from such situations, make sure that you pack a few healthy snacks. Food for pregnant women should be packed with extreme care. Greasy and oily food items and foods that can go stale should be strictly avoided. You can carry items such as dry fruits, nuts, power bars, sweets etc. with you. These are ideal food items for travel-pregnancy diet.

Bottled Water

Carrying a water bottle with you, saves you from the hassle of running around at the airport or waiting for the air crew to get you a glass when thirsty. You can carry small water bottles if you don’t like carrying huge ones. The main goal is to keep it handy as it helps you remind to stay hydrated at all times. You can even carry juice bottles with you when travelling.

Ballet Flats (or Comfy Slip-Ons)

Footwear is one of the most essential pregnancy accessories that should be paid attention to, especially during travelling. There are a lot of comfortable slippers for pregnant women available. Buy a couple of them and keep one in spare (in case you need it during your journey). Make sure that you buy the most comfy slippers (heels are a big no-no) even if they are a bit expensive.

Important Medical Information

Seek your doctor’s help on this. Book an appointment with your doctor and inform him/her of your journey and destination. Ask them if they can recommend an OB based on your destination. Note down the doctor name, doctor contact info and hospital information. Listen carefully to your doctor advices and also ask him/her to prescribe pregnancy emergency tablets, in case you need them.

Sunscreen Skin Creams

It is extremely important for you to protect your skin with skin creams and sunblock creams during your pregnancy. If your journey includes a visit or two to the beach, make sure that you pack this pregnancy necessity with you. Carry the best sunscreen (according to your skin type) to protect your skin from sun tan. Vaseline lotion is one of the best skin creams that can be used during pregnancy as it does not have any adverse effects and is extremely light.

Pantyhose Lose Dresses (pregnant wear dresses)

Who says they’re fun to wear? Do they look trendy? No, of course. But not everything’s about fashion when you’re pregnant and are travelling. Long maternity dresses are the most comfy dresses for pregnant women. Wear what makes you comfortable, especially if you’re onto a long flight. When looking for maternity clothes for travelling you can either opt for maternity gowns or maternity coats.

Your Camera

What’s a journey without a camera? Wouldn’t you want to capture memories? And save them for your baby to see where he/she has already been to? Of course, you would. So don’t forget your digital camera when travelling. If you’re a photography/video lover, a video camera will be one of your travel gadgets essentials!

Pashmina or Shawl

Are you travelling during winters? Or is your destination a cold place? In both situations, make sure that you carry perfect winter pregnancy outfits. Your best clothes for pregnancy travelling in winters should include a maternity shawl, a pair of gloves, a muffler, socks and a jacket. Also, make sure that you carry a travel pregnancy pillow so that you can rest comfortably whenever you want.

Favorite Getaway Gear

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite dresses. While travelling during pregnancy, carry all your favorite maternity wears. These may include your favorite, but comfy maternity jeans, maternity shorts, maternity nightdress and maternity sweaters. Remember, enjoy as much as you want to, but don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Carry all these essentials and travel safe during your pregnancy!

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