Celebrities Reaction on Kashmir Issue

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Independence Day is just around the corner but the Kashmiris are expected to suffer a bloodbath this year as well due to Indian brutality.

The fight to get the status of Kashmir by Pakistan and India is costing Kashmiris their life since Independence.

With India neglecting to take a step towards dialogue and touching the heights of brutality on Kashmiris, the situation has seen to worsened for the last few days.

On this horrendous series of events, everyone is reacting and unleashing their anger by condemning the current insurgency in Kashmiris. Here’s what Pakistani celebrities have to say on the Kashmir issue.

Hamza Ali Abbasi condemning the issue and encouraging other celebrities to use their fame to raise voice for the Kashmir issue. 

This madness needs to stop. 

We all are Kashmiris. 

Yes, where is the United Nations? Third Parties? Time for the world to raise their voices. 


Cluster Bombs? Where is the Human Rights Police?

Kashmir is burning and everyone is agonized by the pain that Kashmiris are going through. Let’s pray for the departed souls and wish that Kashmiris break the chain and liberate themselves soon. #StandWithKashmir

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