How to Change Name on Legal Documents in Pakistan

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To change name on legal documents in Pakistan is very easy and simple. All you have to do is follow some easy steps, submit relevant documents, pay the fees (if any) and you are good to go.

NADRA has simplified the whole process of changing your name on the legal documents. Sometime before, you would have to publish a name change advertisement in the newspaper along with filing an application in a magistrate court, but thankfully these requirements are completely terminated.

You can either change your surname, first name, middle name or correct spelling errors in your name. Here is the whole procedure to apply for a change of name on your legal documents.

Process to Change Name on Legal Documents

If you are willing to change name on legal documents then follow this simple process. Check the list below and fulfil these requirements to continue with the process:

  • Correctly filled and an attested application form
  • Stamp paper affidavit of the name change of 20rs or 50rs
  • Previous Form B
  • Parents’ or any blood relatives’ biometric verification

Married women can change name on legal documents according to the following process:

  • Submit a spouse’s original ID card
  • Original marriage certificate

In case you do not have your marriage certificate then you can submit the affidavit attested by oath commissioner.

How to Change Name on Your B-FORM

You can get your name changed in your B-FORM, once you are done with changing your name in your other legal documents. All you have to do is pay the fees, apply for the name change in the B-FORM and a new B-FORM will be issues to you with the new name.

Rules to Remember

  • If you have completed your matric or above, you can request for a change of name on your Matric Certificate before you move to change your NADRA records.
  • In case that the head of the family changes the name, then all the family members are obliged to change their CRCs/NICOPs/CNICs.
  • The NICOP or POC holder requires a concerned consulate general to verify their name change.
  • Change of due to change of religion requires a certificate by the religious institute/mufti for confirmation.
  • A widower or a divorced woman can change her name to the previous one on her legal documents.
  • Adding a surname of your caste with your name does not require any submission of documents.
  • Changing your father or mother’s name on documents requires you to show their physical appearance in the NADRA’s office.

Note that, there is no way that you can revert back to your previous name once you have changed it on the documents.

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