Eight Best Wedding Videographers and Photographers in Pakistan

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Weddings happen all year round in Pakistan. There is no specific season for it. It is a special part of our lives. People want their weddings to be perfect in every manner, be it selecting the perfect venue, the best caterer or the stunning dresses. Over time, photography and videography have also become integral part of weddings in Pakistan. However, people often find it difficult to select the right photographer or videographer to cover their events.

We all want to capture our memories so that we can live it again and again. This can only become possible when we hire the right photographer/videographer. Thus, without further ado, we present you the list of eight best photographers and videographers in Pakistan.

Dossani Plus

Dossani Plus is one of the top photographers of Pakistan. Owned by Kashif Dossani, Dossani’s team is known for capturing the right moments and the best emotions with their cameras. Helping you preserve the best moments of your life, the studio offers incredible photography and videography packages. For videos, you can choose from 1 DSLR camera to 3 DSLR cameras for your wedding shoot. The traditional Pakistani wedding shoot at Dossani Plus starts at Rs. 40000 per day. You can choose the wedding photography package that suits you best.

K Bridals

K Bridals is known as one of the best photographers in Pakistan. They are the best when it comes to concept photography, which has become a trend in wedding photography in Pakistan. Offering some of the best packages for bridal photography in Pakistan, K Bridals ensures that your wedding day is captured in the most mesmerizing way possible. Their packages start from Rs. 20,000 and go up to Rs. 100,000. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose the package. They also interview the couple as part of their wedding videography for an additional amount of Rs. 10,000.

Jimmy’s Studio

Jimmy’s photo studio in Karachi employs some of the best wedding photographers and videographers. They are the pioneers of 3D photography and videography in Pakistan, which is why they are recognized as the best photo studio in Karachi. Their wedding photography packages start from Rs. 18,000, but you can get a custom package as per your requirements.

The Videographers

The Videographers is an agency that offers wedding photography in Pakistan. The agency also creates advertisements, documentaries, corporate films etc. They are truly one of the best photographers in Karachi as they combine trends with tradition. By looking at their wedding videography portfolio, one will realize that they not only capture the best moments, but also make the whole experience unforgettable. Their wedding photography prices start from Rs. 100,000, but they’re totally worth the price!

Fazeel Peerzada

One of the best candid wedding photographers in Pakistan, Fazeel Peerzada is nothing short of elegance and glamour. Redefining the Pakistani wedding photography, Fazeel Peerzada certainly is a part of the top Pakistani photographers list. They offer custom packages, thus their wedding photography prices depend on the number of days of your event, number of cameras you choose and other requirements.

Chamak Patti

If you want the best wedding photography in Pakistan, then you should also consider looking at the portfolio of Chamak Patti. Apart from wedding photography and videography, Chamak Patti also covers red carpet events, corporate events, etc. From candid pictures to steady cam shots, Chamak Patti leaves no stone unturned to make the best moments of your life memorable. Their photography prices depend on your requirements.

Tariq AK Photography

Tariq AK is an established name in the field of wedding photography in Pakistan. Their photography is heart touching as they perfectly capture the best moments of your life. From picking up the pen for signing the Nikahnama to Rukhsati, they cover everything. Tariq AK believes in keeping things simple and their wedding photo shoots embed the cultural touch in every photograph. Tariq AK’s photography & videography packages start from Rs. 40,000 per day and go up to Rs. 200,000 for three days.

Now that we’ve provided you with a list, it’s time for you to decide who you wish to hire to help you relive the magical moments again and again.

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