List of how much tax/duty you need to pay on imported phones in Pakistan

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With new rules, bringing a smartphone into Pakistan from a foreign country comes at a price. You’ll now have to pay taxes and duties for the phones you bring.

To make things a little easier, Pakistanis or Overseas Pakistanis can carry 5 phones into the country a year. Out of the 5 phones, they’ll be allowed to carry one for free while they’ll have to pay taxes and duties for the rest. If the handsets aren’t paid for within 30 days, they’ll be blocked. Read on to know about the details.

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Mobile Tax & Duties You’ll Have To Pay For

Imported phones will have the following taxes and duties applicable to them:

  • Customs Duty
  • Regulatory Duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Additional Sales Tax
  • IT Duty
  • Mobile Levy
  • Provincial Tax

Customs Duty

The fixed amount for Customs Duty is PKR 250.

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Regulatory Duty

Mobile phones that cost between $1-60 will be taxed with Rs.250. Phones that cost between $61-130 will be taxed with 10% of the value. While phones worth over $130 will be taxed with 20% of their value under Regulatory Duty.

Value of Phone (USD) Taxation

Value of Phone (USD)Taxation
$1-60Rs. 250
$61-13010% of the value
$130+20% of the value

Sales Tax

The sales tax is fixed at Rs. 1500 per handset.

Additional Sales Tax

Additional sales tax is fixed at 3% of the phone’s actual value.

IT Tax

The fixed amount for IT Tax is 9% of the phone’s value.

Mobile Levy

Value of Phone (PKR)Levy
Rs 10,000 to 40,000Rs 1000
Rs 40,000 to 80,000Rs 3000
Over Rs 80,000Rs 5000


  • Value of a phone declared by Customs is Value A
  • Add 1% Insurance on Value A, this would become Value B
  • Add 1% Landing charges on Value B, this would become Value C
  • Now, this Value C is important because Customs will now Apply/calculate all Duty/Taxes on Value C, not Value A.

If Value A = $100, then its Value B will be $101. Its Value C would then be $102.01 (and not $100).

Now that the value of the phone has been determined- it will be converted from USD to PKR at Inter-Bank rates for that particular day.

The following formulas will be applied for taxes and duties:

  • Value C + 10% or 20% Regulatory Duty = Value D
  • Value D + Rs 250 fix Customs Duty = Value E
  • Value E + 3% Additional Sales Tax = Value F
  • Value F + Rs 1500 fix Sales Tax = Value G
  • Value G + 9% or 6% Income Tax = Value H
  • Value H + Rs 1000 or greater as Mobile Handset Levy = Value I
  • Value I + Rs 1000 fix Sindh Stamp Duty = Value J
  • Value C + 1.16% CESS Duty = Value K

Value J + Value K – Value C = ___ PKR. This is the final amount which is the total of Duty/Taxes that an individual will have to pay.

Taxation Per Phone

The following chart explains how much taxation will have to be paid according to the value of the handset.

Value of MobileTaxation (PKR)
50Rs 4,641
100Rs 6,367
150Rs 8,083
200Rs 13,116
250Rs 15,666
300Rs 20,216
350Rs 22,767
400Rs 25,317
450Rs 27,867
500Rs 30,417
550Rs 34,967
600Rs 37,517
650Rs 40,067
700Rs 42,618
800Rs 47,718
900Rs 52,818
1000Rs 57,918
1200Rs 68,119
1400Rs 78,319
1500Rs 83,420

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