Here’s How to Perform Umrah

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The word ‘Umrah’ is derived from the Arabic word “I’timaar” which means “visit”. However, in Islamic terminology, Umrah means visiting Ka’bah, performing Tawaaf around it, and walking between Safaa and Marwah seven times. Performing Umrah once in a lifetime is Sunnat Mu’akidah (non-mandatory form of pilgrimage). A Muslim can perform Umrah whenever s/he wishes, since there is no specific day designated to perform Umrah. Moreover, Umrah can be performed as many times as one desires.


Guidelines To Perform Umrah

There are certain guidelines a Muslim must follow to perform Umrah. These guidelines are also referred as pillars of Umrah. The four pillars of Umrah include:


Upon reaching Meeqat, pilgrims are required to either perform wazu or take a bath (whichever is convenient). Then they have to put on Ihraam. Ihraam is a form of dressing which pilgrims should adorn before beginning their journey. Men’s Ihraam include two sheets of white color to cover the upper and lower part of the body. Whereas, for women Ihraam is more like a state of mind, and they can wear stitched clothes as per their convenience to cover their entire body without covering their face.
After adorning Ihraam, Muslims are required to offer Namaz (two rakaat nafal). After offering Namaz, men should recite “The Talbiyah” loudly, whereas women should recite it silently. For Umrah pilgrims, it is recommended that they should continuously recite darrod shareef, talbiyah, astaghfar and pray to Allah, as much as possible until they reach Makkah Mukarama.


Tawaaf is the second pillar of Umrah. To begin Tawaaf, you need to move towards the place where a stone named “Al-Hajarul Aswad” or “Hajr-e-Aswad” is situated. When you reach to the stone, face the Holy Kabah in a way that the “Hajr-e-Aswad” is on the right side of your right shoulder. Then in your mind, decide that you wish to perform Tawaaf as part of your Umrah. It is called niyat or niyah which means intention.
Once you make niyat for Tawaaf, then start moving towards the right side in way that the Kabah is on your left side and walk around the Kabah until you again reach to the point where you started i.e. the place where Hajr- e-Aswad is situated. Now complete the seven rounds in the same way. Once all the rounds are completed, move towards Maqaam-e-Ibrahim and offer two rakaats Namaz (mandatory). When performing Tawaaf, you can either pray or recite Holy Quran. Now you can move towards Zamzam and drink Aab-e-Zam Zam.

  • SA’EE

Sa’ee is the third pillar of Umrah. Sa’ee refers to the process of moving back and forth between the hills of Safaa and Marwah. After performing the Tawaaf, Umrah pilgrims now have to move to Safaa. Move towards a place from where you can see Kabah and make niyat. In Sa’ee, you have to complete seven rounds between Safaa and Marwah. It is important to know that moving from Safaa to Marwah counts as one round and Marwah to Safaa counts as another.


The last pillar of Umrah is Halaq or Qasar means trimming or shaving hairs. According to most of the schools of thoughts, both shaving and clipping (to the upper third of your finger) are permissible for men, however, shaving your head completely is more preferable. However, for women, it is necessary to trim more than one inch of their hairs from the end. Once you are done with trimming your hairs, your Umrah is complete.

Visa Fees For Umrah

Recently, Saudi Arabia has waived off visa fee for the first time pilgrims coming to the country for Umrah or Hajj. Therefore, if you are applying for a visa for the first time for Umrah or Hajj, then you don’t have to pay the visa fees.
However, if you have already performed Umrah or Hajj once, then according to the revised visa fee structure you have to pay single-entry visa fee i.e. 2,000 Saudi Riyals or $533.

Umrah Visa

Umrah Packages

Package DetailsDouble BedTriple BedFour/Five BedSharing
15 Days Package -
06 Nights Makkah & 08 Nights Madinah
PKR 46,000PKR 36,500PKR 31,500PKR 29,000
21 Days Package -
08 Nights Makkah & 12 Nights Madinah
PKR 58,000PKR 44,500PKR 37,500PKR 34,000
25 Days Package -
10 Nights Makkah & 14 Nights Madinah
PKR 66,500PKR 50,000PKR 42,000PKR 37,000
Overstaying Charges
Makkah / Madinah
PKR 2,520 / 1,765PKR 1,680/ 1,165PKR 1,260 / 875PKR 980 / 700

Terms & Conditions:

The prices mentioned above are for one person only, which do not include airline ticket charges. Moreover, prices are subject to change.

Things To Take When Going For Umrah

The following list contains the essential items you will need during your journey. However, you can revise, amend or change the list based on your needs.

  1. Ihraam.
  2. Umrah guide.
  3. Towels.
  4. An umbrella.
  5. Slippers.
  6. Tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo & soap.
  7. Alarm clock.
  8. Basic Medicines for flu, fever and cough.
  9. Few pairs of socks & a nail cutter.
  10. A prayer mat.
  11. Travel Iron.

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