Here’s how you can check and pay your online E-challan of traffic

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The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has recently introduced an online E-Challan system in Lahore in collaboration with City Traffic Police (CTP) upon the directions of the Lahore High Court (LHC).

PSCA has installed Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras across the city. The cameras are responsible for identifying anyone breaking the traffic rules. In case a person is found breaking the law, then he/she will be fined with an E-challan. Hence, it is delivered directly to their house based on their vehicle ID. The challan paper will have a picture of the vehicle and details about how the person broke the traffic rules.

But there’s a problem with this process. You might not receive a traffic challan maybe because you changed your address, the challan got lost or wasn’t sent to you in the first place because of some technical issues. Sometimes people break traffic rules and don’t even know if they did. If you want to know if you unknowingly violated any traffic rule or have any charges against yourself, you can do so by following the instructions mentioned below.

How to check Online E-Challan

  • Visit the PSCA website.
  • After the PSCA website opens, you will have to enter your vehicle number and your CNIC number there.
  • By entering the details about your vehicle registration and CNIC number you can see if you have been charged with a fine or not. You can also print the E-challan document.

How to pay your Online E-Challan

You can pay your E-Challan through any one of the two methods mentioned below.

  • Take out a print of the downloaded E-challan document from the PSCA website. Submit it to the National Bank of Punjab (NBP) with the required fees.
  • Pay your challan through the NBP’s ATMs.

A mobile app is under development by PSCA that will allow you to check and pay your E-challans without leaving your house.

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