Hidden Beauty of Balochistan

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Some years ago, when people heard of Balochistan they immediately imagined a desert in their mind or a war-torn place but little did they know about the hidden beauty of Balochistan. The beauty of Balochistan comes from its windy beaches with clear water, deserts, and historical places. The beaches in Balochistan have such clear skies that you can see dozens of stars by lying down at the beach. Balochistan is certainly filled with many beautiful places. Every tourist place in Balochistan speaks for its beauty and history attached to it. From Quetta to hill stations in Ziarat, every place has so much to offer that it will capture your heart.

Have a look at some beautiful pictures of Quetta.

Hanna Lake Huts

Hazara Town

Sleeping Beauty


Quetta alone does not cover the entire beauty of Balochistan. Here are suggested places for you to check out when you visit Balochistan.

Places to Visit in Baluchistan

Balochistan is rich in history and many ancient places can be found here. The tribal culture of Balochistan is also different from what is usually practiced in Pakistan. Balochi culture is based on many traditions, crafts, and art. You can easily find Balochi embroidered dresses in Balochistan and in other places as well. Filled with barren lands, mountains, and deserts, Balochistan still stands among top tourist places in Pakistan.

Below you can find some historical places that are found within Balochistan and attract thousands of tourists every month.

  • Hingol National Park & Princess of Hope

Markhor, which is the national animal of Pakistan can be seen roaming in the valley of Hingol National Park. Hingol National Park is a must-go place for every tourist that plans to visit Balochistan. The park is surrounded by exotic mountains and blue waters that leave tourists wide-eyed in awe.

Princess of Hope is another famous ancient place found near Hingol Park. An artisan, years ago, put his efforts into making this sculpture. The name of this masterpiece was given by Angelina Jolie when she visited Balochistan.

  • Moola Chotok Balochistan

Located in Khuzdar, Balochistan, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Balochistan. This beautiful location is among some places in Balochistan that were recently discovered during the recent wave of tourism in Pakistan. The sparkling blue water and sand of the lake, along with the fresh air that surrounds it, are enough to make you forget the heat of summer. The place was once a bastion for military operations but now it is safe from all dangers and open to the public. Moola Chotok has unimaginable beauty so don’t forget to add it your wishlist.

Here’s a picture of the wonderful Moola Chotok.

  • Gwadar Port

Gwadar is in the headline of every newspaper these days due to the development of the port. Gwadar is famous for its breathtaking deepwater beaches. If you are going to Balochistan then you shouldn’t forget visiting Gwadar that is one of the main attractions in Balochistan.


  • Hill Station in Balochistan

Balochistan is famous for its hill stations and their exotic beauty. Shaban valley, Pishin valley, and Ziarat are famous tourist points. These places are rich with lush green trees, gardens and much more. The route that lead to these places might not be ideal due to the condition of roads but people will surely enjoy the natural beauty on their way to the place.



Shaban Valley


The blue water, green gardens and beautiful culture of Balochistan can easily capture your attention. A visit to Balochistan will be unforgettable and you will definitely want to go back to explore more. Hopefully, you would want to make some alterations to your list of places you want to go to after reading about these tourist places in Balochistan, Pakistan.


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