How to Activate Djuice One Plan Package

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Telenor is one of the best and well-known telecommunication company in Pakistan. The company offers lowest call, sms and mms rates to all its customers. The company has launched a number of packages to offer ease and convenience to all of its customers; however, djuice one plan package is one of a kind. A number of companies offer low call rates to all local networks, but djuice one call bundle offers lowest call rates as compared to all other local network companies. Djuice one plan call packages are designed for 24 hours without any daily charges or any other hidden fee. Here are the complete details of this package, how you can activate it, its charges etc.

Djuice One Plan Package Details

If you’re looking for an all-in-one package, djuice one plan package is the best. This package offers affordable rates for 15 FnF numbers, 24 hours a day. Djuice one plan charges the same rates for all of these 15 numbers, and to offer added convenience, the plan offers the same rates for non-FnF numbers, as well. Isn’t that great? Learn about the package charges here, before you rush to activate this plan.

Djuice One Plan Package Highlights

You can activate this package with no hefty charges. In addition to call rates, djuice one plan sms charges are extremely reasonable and will help you stay in touch with your loved ones throughout the day. Moreover, there’s no daily charges which  means further savings! Here are all the details that you need to know regarding djuice one plan sms packages, mms charges, internet charges etc.


Category Charges
Telenor Numbers Rs. 1.25 + Tax / 30 Sec (24 Hours)
On-net FNF Rs. 0.50 + Tax / 30 Sec (24 Hours)
Other Network Numbers Rs. 1.25 + Tax / 30 Sec (24 Hours)
SMS Rs. 0.80 + Tax
MMS Rs. 5.00/MMS
2G/3G/4G Internet Rs. 0.75 / 64KB
Daily Charges None


Size Local MMS International MMS
Less than 100 KB Rs. 6.00 incl.Tax Rs. 17.99 incl.Tax
Between 100KB & 200KB Rs. 12.00 incl.Tax Rs. 35.98 incl.Tax
Between 200KB & 300KB Rs. 18.00 incl.Tax Rs. 53.97 incl.Tax


How to Activate Djuice One Plan Package

Djuice one plan package activation is different as compared to other packages and networks. There is no  djuice one plan code for subscription, through which you can activate this offer, neither a code where you can send your subscription sms. It has to be done either through the website or the helpline. Through the website, you have to enter your mobile number, and a pin will be sent to you on the number you’ve entered. After you enter the pin, follow the instructions to activate your package. On the other hand, you can get in touch with one of the Telenor customer service representative, and he or she will guide you through the process of activating djuice one plan package. All you have to do is to request that you need djuice one plan on your number, and they will walk you through the process.

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