How to Block a Number

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Almost everyone can relate to the irritation and frustration caused by the unknown number that keeps calling you at odd hours. Even after you have blocked the number on your cellphone, the constant pop up that you receive a call from the blocked number – for example, if you have anti-virus software installed, the program will notify you about the calls blocked. There is no denying that this could be tiring. In this regard, we are presenting an article that talks about how to block a number on sim card to be rid of these unwanted calls.


How to block a number on Mobilink

Mobilink provides blocking service for mobile and landline numbers as well.

Steps to follow

Dial *420# then choose one option from the menu that appears or simply SMS“act ics ” to 420 and then follow the instructions.

Subscription Charges: 

Prepaid Customers:  Rs0.5+tax per day

Postpaid Customers: Rs14.99 +tax per month


How to Block a Number on Warid

Warid blocking service is known as “Warid Call & SMS Block 420″.

Steps to follow

Dial 420 from your mobile and then follow the instructions

Or type “Sub” from your mobile and send this SMS to 420 

Warid also offers a huge range of pre-existing and self-recorded messages that users can use in order to convey it to the blocker.

Subscription Charges:

Same charges for both prepaid and postpaid customers of Rs19+tax per month


How to Block a Number on Telenor

If you are a Telenor customer, read on to see how to block an unwanted number.

Steps to follow

Call or SMS to 420 and get registered and follow the procedure

Subscription Charges:

Rs20 + tax per month for both prepaid and postpaid customers of Telenor


How to Block a Number on Ufone

Dubbed as “UBlock”, Ufone blocking service allows users to block unwanted numbers by simply following the below procedure:

Steps to follow

Type 420 from your mobile and subscribe to this offer

Or type block<unwanted number> and then send it to 420

Subscription Charges: 

Prepaid Customers: Rs3.75+tax per week

Postpaid Customers: Rs15+ tax per month


How to Block a Number on Zong

Zong blocking code is also 420.

Steps to follow

Simply type block<SPACE><NUMBER> and send it to 420

Subscription Charges:

Rs15+tax per month

While following these steps, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the unwanted calls that you receive on a daily basis.

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