How to get NADRA Pakistan Origin Card for Foreigners

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Pakistan Origin Card (POC) enables eligible foreigners to obtain Pakistani citizenship. POC cardholders can get a visa-free entry in Pakistan, enjoy indefinite stays in Pakistan, obtain an exemption from foreigner registration requirements, have the permission to sell and purchase property in Pakistan, and obtain the right to open and operate bank accounts in their own name.

To help foreigners in Pakistan obtain Pak identity through POC, here are all the details about applying for this card:

Procedure to Obtain POC

Prior to applying for POC, you should check your eligibility. You will be eligible, if:

  • You were a Pakistani national and now have surrendered your nationality
  • You are a foreigner but have married a Pakistani citizen. Or your parents are/were Pakistani and held Pakistani nationality
  • You are a foreign national, but your parents or grandparents are/were Pakistani nationals
  • You are a foreigner but your relatives (sister, brother, aunt or uncle) are/were Pakistani nationals
  • A foreign national (not born from Pakistani nationals) and married to a Pakistani national is eligible for POC except the following.
    • A citizen of India, Taiwan, and Israel.
    • A citizen of an enemy country,
    • A citizen of the country not recognized by Pakistan.

If you qualify for a POC, you can move ahead and apply for the Pakistani Origin Card. You can apply online through Pak Identity website. You can apply for the card in four categories; new, modification, renewal and cancellation.

The procedure is quite simple when applying online. Select the category in which you’re applying for POC. Enter the card delivery address and pay the fees via your credit/debit card. If you’re applying within Pakistan, you can even visit your nearest E-sahulat center and pay against the tracking ID issued on your online application. When applying for a new card, payment will have to be made at the very end. However, for all categories, payment will have to be made in the beginning.

Next, provide your required personal details. Only your present address will be printed on your Pakistan Origin Card. Upload your photo (size should not exceed 5MB). Scan and upload all supporting documents. Download the signature acquisition form, sign, scan and upload the Signature Acquisition form. If you belong to any of the below-mentioned countries, your signature capture form will have to be attested from your nearest Pakistan embassy, high commission or mission.

  • Afghanistan
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • Palestine
  • Serbia
  • Somalia
  • Bangladesh
  • Sudan
  • Uganda

Next, you will have to submit the verifier details. The verifier must be an adult with a valid Pakistan National Identity Card. Review the provided information, sign the declaration form and then submit the application.

Please note that Pakistan origin card for a foreign spouse is no longer as per directions issued by Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

Documents Required for POC

Documents required for POC depends on the type of POC you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a new POC, you will have to submit a valid copy of Foreign Passport and your surrendered Pakistani ID (CNIC/NICOP/Passport). In case you have not surrendered your nationality, a copy of CNIC/NICOP should be returned to NADRA HQ. The applicant will have to apply for the cancellation of CNIC/NICOP prior to the processing of the POC application.

In addition to these documents, if you’re a foreign national applicant, without a Pakistani Nationality, attach an affidavit with your application. Foreign applicants with dual nationality are recommended to apply for NICOP or provide a renunciation certificate.

Pakistani Parents’/Grandparents’ CNIC/POC/NICOP/Passports along with your birth certificate, educational documents can also be submitted. If you’re applying on the basis of a relative, their CNIC/NICOP/Passport and a document that establishes a relationship should be submitted.


If you’re applying for renewal, a valid copy of a foreign passport and a copy of the existing POC should be submitted.


There can be different reasons for applying for modification purposes.

  • For including your husband’s name, you will have to submit a valid copy of a foreign passport, attested marriage certificate, a copy of spouse’s CNIC/NICOP/Pakistani Passport.
  • For a change in name, date of birth or nationality, you will have to submit a valid copy of your foreign passport with the new name/date of birth/nationality, marriage certificate, name change deed issued by concerned attestation authority of the country.
  • For a change in address, submit a valid copy of foreign passport, proof of change in Pakistani address (like affidavit from owner/renter, spouse/parent IDs).
  • For a change in marital status you will have to submit, a valid copy of foreign passport, attested marriage/divorce certificate.
  • For modifying father/mother name, submit a valid copy of foreign passport, name change deed of father/mother attested Pakistani passport/birth/school certificate, old CNIC/NICOP, an affidavit/declaration.
  • For cancellation, you only have to submit your original POC along with the affidavit.

Where to Collect the POC Card

All POC applications are now online. After the applicants have submitted their documents, the process takes up seven working days. NADRA offers home delivery services for applicants within, as well as, outside the country. Shipping within Pakistan takes up 2 working days and 5 working days for international shipping.


NADRA POC card fee as per NADRA’s official website is as follows:

Application CategoriesFees (PKR)
Cancellation of Normal POC31,500
Cancellation of Smart POC52,500

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