How To Get Your Online NADRA Family Registration Certificate

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Family Registration Certificate (FRC) is a document that contains all the details of a person’s family members. The online FRC certificate is generally required for visa purposes in order to prove the connection or relation by blood, marriage or adoption. It’s a family certificate by nature and can only be identified with your record in The National Database and Registration Authority, commonly known as NADRA.

Importance of NADRA Family Registration Certificate

FRC NADRA can only be used for verification purpose in matters like visa acquisition for higher education, immigration, official visit, or foreign visit.

Earlier in Pakistan, before modern technology made its way into the mainstream, getting a NADRA Family Registration Certificate was a big hassle, since it involved visiting NADRA office in person and submitting all the relevant documents by hand.

Things have changed now. You can apply for FRC and avoid the hassle of making a person visit to NADRA office. This article will guide you on the online FRC acquisition process and requirements by listing down the simple steps.

You can apply for online FRC in the subsequent three categories:

  • By Birth – The certificate will show your family details i.e. parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage – The certificate will show your family details i.e. spouse and children.
  • By Adoption – The certificate will list your family details i.e. guardian.

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Application Process Time

The table demonstrates the estimated online FRC process time, assuming that an applicant fulfills all the requirements and prerequisites.

1User Registration2 min
2Select application category10 min
3Family Verification1 min
4Pay fee3 min
5Family Details Verification2 min
6Upload photograph3 min
7Application Review1 min
Total approximate time10 minutes

Documents Required for NADRA Family Registration Certificate

In order to start your online NADRA Family registration certificate application, make sure you have the following documents.

  1. Photograph with white background (passport size)
  2. Valid debit/credit card
  3. National Identity card number of all family members
  4. CRC certificate of children under 18 years of age

Once you have all the FRC documents, including your children’s pictures, if any, and your family members’ names, you can proceed to the next step.

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Procedure for Applying NADRA Family Registration Certificate

Click on the link and create a free account by registering yourself with PAK-identity and then login with your given email address and password.

After login, choose E-FRC and click to start your application process.

  • At the start of the application, type your citizen number (CNIC) and choose certificate type. On the same page, start entering your family members’ citizen number and choose your relation with them and click add members. Make sure you include all the members of your family correctly, otherwise the information will not be verified.

online frc forms


  • After putting all the information, you will be forwarded to the next page mentioning “your family was successfully verified.”


frc applications


  • The next step is the most important of all, i.e., FRC Fee Structure. You are required to make a payment of 1000 for an urgent basis and 500 for normal period through your valid credit/debit card details. After making the FRC Fee payment, click next and you will see a FRC charges status notification. If your payment is successful, move on to the next step.

(Note: The applicants within Pakistan can also pay the fees at the nearby E-Sahulat center against the issued tracking ID.)

  • The next step is to provide your family information. In most cases, its already there – all you have to do is re-check or type the names and citizen number of your family in case of any name or number missing.
  • Click next and upload your latest photograph. You must take care of the following particulars.
    • Latest photograph with white background and without glasses
    • JPEG, JPG, and PNGformats are accepted
    • The picture size should not exceed 5MB.
    • The dimension of the photograph should be 350×467 or greater than it

          Click UPLOAD to upload your photograph.

  • In the next step, you will be asked to upload the photograph of minors (under 18) in the family. If there are no minors in your family, simply skip the step.
  • Review the provided information carefully and sign the declaration by checking the given boxes and you are done!

FRC Delivery

Your NADRA Family Registration certificate will be sent to your given e-mail address within 2-4 working days.


For Pak-identity application queries, write an email to or call +92 (51) 111 786 100.

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