Important Items to Keep in Your Makeup Bag

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The number of makeup products out there can leave anyone confused, especially people who are new to makeup. You might want to get your hands on all the products you see but if you are a beginner all you need is a few essentials.

  1. A Moisturizer and Primer

These two are must haves. It is important to prep your skin before you put any makeup on it. After cleansing your face, use a good quality moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Then apply a primer to keep your make up looking great throughout the day. Make sure that the moisturizer and primer you get won’t clog pores and are of high quality.

  1. A Foundation

A makeup look is incomplete without a foundation. But you need to pick one that’s right for your skin tone and skin type. Next time you visit a makeup store try on a few samples before making your purchase. Opt for a foundation that gives good coverage to your skin without appearing cakey.

  1. Concealer

Sometimes foundation is not enough to cover dark circles or spots on your face, this is where concealers come in handy. Apply concealer on your face where it is required to make your skin appear flawless.

  1. Blush and Highlighter

Blush and highlighter can make your skin instantly glow and lift your face. Make sure to pick the shade of blush and highlighter that would go well with your skin tone.

  1. Lip Balm and Lipsticks

What’s a makeup look without a good lipstick? There are so many lipstick shades to choose from, but red lipstick and a good nude shade would be perfect to wear on many occasions. But before you put a lipstick on, apply a good lip balm to your lips to keep them moisturized.

  1. Mascara

The right mascara can transform your eyes and do wonders to your whole makeup look. Pick a mascara that adds more volume to your eyelashes and makes them appear longer without any smudges.

  1. Makeup wipes

Makeup mistakes are common, this why you’ll need makeup wipes. They will also be helpful to take off your makeup when you are feeling too lazy to wash your face.

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