Jazz Internet Packages 2019 – Postpaid & Prepaid

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Jazz offers various postpaid and prepaid packages to its customers. It is one of the first telecommunication companies that introduced internet services all around Pakistan. Jazz internet packages are very affordable, so you can enjoy them without any trouble. Below is the list of Jazz internet packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers, must check them out!

Jazz Internet Packages – All Prepaid Packages

Nowadays, everyone is active on social media, which is why having internet access all the time is necessary. If you are a prepaid customer then you can enjoy daily, weekly, 3-day, and monthly internet packages by Jazz. Here is a list of all Jazz prepaid internet packages.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

If you do not prefer weekly and monthly packages, then here is a list of all Jazz daily internet packages for you.

PackageDaily Social RecursiveDaily SMS WhatsApp PackageDaily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak)Daily BrowserInternet Hourly ExtremeSindh OfferKarachi Daily Hybrid LBC
PriceRs. 5.98Rs. 5.98Rs. 24Rs. 11.95Rs. 20.32Rs. 12Rs. 12
Volume200 MBs for WhatsApp and Facebook10MB for WhatsApp100MB/24 hours, 1100 MB for 2AM-2PM50MB2000MB250MB250MB
Freebies None 1800 SMS to all networksNone None None 1500SMS, unlimited on-net minutes250sms+Unlimited calls to jazz and warid
Duration24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 2 HoursTill midnightTill midnight
Activation CodeDial *455#*334#*117*4#*117*11#*846#*522#*400#

Jazz 3-Day Internet Packages

Jazz 3-day internet packages are a great deal for people who love surfing the internet and hates it when they run out of it. This Jazz 3-day internet package is all that you need for yourself.

Package3Day Extreme
PriceRs. 17.9
Volume500 MB
Freebies None
Duration3 days
Activation Code*114*14#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz weekly internet package lets you sit back and enjoy internet surfing for the rest of the week. Activate this package and relieve yourself from activating packages on a daily basis.

PackageJazz New Sim OfferJazz Weekly StreamerWeekly PremiumWeekly MagaWeekly Mega PlusWeekly ExtremeJazz Weekly Browser PackageMega Super Duper WeeklyWeekly Bundle-Once offWeekly Social
PriceRs. 99Rs. 95Rs. 132Rs. 190Rs. 240Rs. 71.7Rs. 50Rs. 250Rs. 15+taxRs. 50
Volume1500 MB(1500SMS, 1500 Jazz/Warid mins)1GB2000MB5000MB20GB(10GB from 2AM-2PM)2500MB (2AM-2PM)300 MBs5000MB25MB WhatsApp+1500SMS8GB for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO (4GB from 2AM-2PM)
Freebies None None None None None None None 2500 on-net, 50 off-net mins, 2500 SMSNone None
Duration7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days
Activation Code*989#*117*7#*117*47#*159#*453#*117*14#*117*3#*505#*101*1*07#*660#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz data packages also include monthly packages that come with great MBs and freebies. Check them out and activate them on the go!

PackageJazz Monthly Browser Package Jazz Monthly Streamer PackageJazz Monthly Supreme PackageJazz Monthly Extreme PackageJazz Monthly Mega PlusJazz Super Duper CardJazz Monthly Mega
PriceRs. 210Rs. 300Rs. 897Rs. 120Rs. 598Rs. 600Rs. 359
Volume2500 MBs4000 MBs8000 MBs5000MBs7500 MB2000 MB4200 MB
Freebies None None None None None 2000 SMS, 2000 on-net mins, 150 off-net minsNone
Duration30 days30 days 30 days 30 days for 2AM-2PM30 days30 days24 Hours
Activation Code*117*77#*117*31#*117*32#*117*34#*117*30#*601#*117*31#

Jazz Internet Packages – All Postpaid Packages

If you are someone who hates going to the shop again and again to reload the balance, then Jazz postpaid is the right choice for you. Jazz brings several internet packages for their postpaid customers, so you can surf the internet as much as you want. Check out the packages below!

PackageMonthly StreamerMonthly Premium PackageMonthly Supreme PackageMonthly Super PackageMonthly Ultimate Package
PriceRs. 250+TaxRs. 500+taxRs. 800+taxRs. 1200+taxRs. 2200+tax
Duration30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days
Activation Code*446#*446#*446#*446#*446#

Terms & Conditions

  • The packages are available for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • Prices of all internet packages are inclusive of taxes, otherwise mentioned.
  • Checking package status is free of cost.
  • The package resubscribe at midnight if the balance is present in the account. To deactivate the package, dial the package deactivation number.
  • You will be charged 0.30/MB if your subscribed package has reached its limit.

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