Kashmir Hour: PM urges everyone to gather together on roads as a protest to India’s atrocities in Kashmir

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Everyone around the world is quite aware of the situation of Kashmir after India revoked Article 370 and 35a. Ever since this happened, Kashmir is on lockdown and the people are forced to live in their houses without any food or medical help.

Some recent reports revealed the atrocities of the Indian army on the Kashmiri people that have resulted in major injuries and deaths. The issues have been escalated to such an extent that big names such as China, USA, United Nations, etc. have started to act as an intermediary to solve the dispute between Pakistan and India.

Kashmir has always been the reason for the dispute between India and Pakistan leading to major clashes at the border. As India revoked Article 370 and 35a, Muslims all over the world and especially Pakistan stood firm for regaining the special status of Kashmir.

The ongoing call by Muslims and Pakistanis to help Kashmiri people captured the attention of many people all around the world. The Kashmir issue is finally been highlighted in the meetings by the United Nations, highlighting the atrocities of the Indian army.

Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also called out the Indian Prime Minister on his negligence over the Kashmir issue.

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PM Imran Khan has asked the Pakistani people to join the protest on 30th August in solidarity with the Kashmiris. People gathered around on roads and protested against the Indian army. Many big names of the cricket world and film industry including Shahid Afridi, Hareem Farooq, Shehzad Roy, and others actively participated in the Kashmir Hour.

The turnout at the Kashmir Hour was unexpected that depicted the strength of the Pakistani people and their will to fight against the Indian army. Pakistani people have shown that they still stick with their “Kashmir Banega Pakistan” slogan even if other countries turn their backs on them.

Kashmir Hour is a presentation of what Pakistani people are capable of when outside sources try to bring them down by wrong means. Here are the pictures of people gathering at certain shahras in Karachi and Islamabad to take part in the protest.

Pakistanis plan on gathering the attention of people all around the world to shed some light on the Kashmir issue and resolve it without any further bloodbath. Pakistan demands a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue, but the Indian army does not depict behavior that supports a peaceful dialogue.

With this peaceful protest, we believe that the issues of Kashmiris will be heard and resolved without any further delay.

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