Mawra and Urwa’s controversial statement on depression, says depression is only caused by food

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Depression, that has many definitions, is often misinterpreted by people; however, it still remains a crucial topic. Many people have recently come out to talk about depression on open forums to enlighten the importance of mental health.

At one point in our life, we all have gone through a phase that has caused us mental stress. Some people try to cope up with by seeking professional health; whereas, many people try to hide it so avoid the societal pressure.

Many celebrities have talked about depression and anxiety to deliver a message to their followers. However, recently, Urwa and Mawra were invited on the Nida Yasir show and this what they had to say about the cause of depression.

After their statement, the Twitter Nazis started to make fun of their statement and asking them to get their facts straight. On the other hand, many people were also supporting the Hocane sisters, saying that food does play a role in triggering your mental condition. Here’s how people reacted to their statement.

Psychologists need to educate themselves, after all, they are just specialists!! 

Some people took it quite seriously. 

Seriously? Am I a joke to you?


After facing the anger from the public, Mawra took the stance to reply to these people. Mawra updated her Instagram stories showing proof of food playing a role in affecting your mental condition. Here’s what Mawra posted in reply.

You have seen both sides of the story, you decide whether you want to support the Hocane sisters or you believe that mental stress is not a product of food alone. The decision is up to you!

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