How to Pay Car Tax in Sindh?

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Not every Pakistani citizen pays tax, which is unlawful as well as irresponsible on the citizen’s part. Due to the fact that not many Pakistanis pay tax, they are unaware of the taxpaying process. They use this lack of car tax information as to their excuse for not paying tax. So, as responsible citizens of this country, we provide you with complete and authentic information regarding how to pay car tax.

Motor tax is levied under the Sindh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1958, and Motor Vehicle Rules, 1959 and every citizen who owns a car is required to pay car tax every year. When you purchase a car, you’re required to register it in order to prove your ownership. A registration number is then issued along with a registration book and number plates. The registration book is an essential document of your car which you should keep safe at all times.

Banks that Accept Car Tax Fee

In order to pay car tax, you will have to visit banks that are designated by the government of Sindh for the collection of motor tax. National Bank of Pakistan is the only bank entitled to collect car tax from citizens. Not all branches of NBP collect motor tax fee, thus make sure that you find your nearest car tax collection NBP branch from the official website of your respective provincial government.

Required Documents

There are certain requirements for the car tax payment process. The vehicle documents that you need to take along with you to the bank include the registration book and the last motor tax payment receipt. In case you do not have your last payment receipt, your registration book would suffice. No other documents for car tax payments are required. Pay the tax, collect your payment receipt, your registration book, and sticker of tax payment.

The tax fee for your car depends on your car’s engine capacity and its category i.e. whether it is commercial or non-commercial. Here’s a complete list of tax fees for non-commercial vehicles in Sindh:

Engine CapacityMotor Tax
Not exceeding 1000 CCRs. 1500/-
1001 to 1300 CC Rs. 2000/-
1301 to 1600 CCRs. 4000/-
1600 to 2000 CC Rs. 4500/-
2001 to 2500 CCRs. 5000/-
Above 2500 CCRs. 7000/-

The government of Sindh also offers relief in motor tax for old cars. For cars that are 10 years old as per their date of registration, owners will have to pay 75% less tax of the actual rate. For cars that are more than 15 years old from the date of registration, owners will have to pay 50% less tax of the actual rate.

If motor tax is paid within 45 days of expiry, no penalty will be levied.

Now that you’re aware of the whole motor tax payment process, make sure that you pay your vehicle tax, and that too on time!

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