PTA Announces to Register An Unregistered IMEI on Your Dual SIM Phone by 31st August 2019

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advised all the users that have more than one SIM/IMEI slot in their phone to get them registered before 31st August 2019. The citizens are advised to register their IMEI/SIM slot even if one of the slots is already registered by PTA.

The citizens can register their devices by sending an email to the along with the mentioned information:

  1. Contact details of the phone owner
  2. A copy of the user’s CNIC
  3. IMEI(s) screenshot from device box
  4. All programmed IMEI screenshot

After sending a request, the PTA will look forward to it and once the validation process is complete, the device will be registered accordingly. The citizens will be unable to get the second IMEI registered after the deadline has crossed.

How To Check Mobile Phone Registration Status?

Check your mobile phone’s status by dialing *#06# and SMS the IMEI number to 8484.

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