Sales Tax Number & Sales Tax Return – Application Process

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Sales Tax is the tax that sellers pay to the government based on sales and supply of goods and services. This tax comes under the 1990 Sales Tax Act and is applicable to all sellers importing or selling goods/services in Pakistan.

All the vendors offering goods and services in Pakistan must comply with the rules & regulations. It becomes their duty to pay taxes so that it can be used for the country’s growth.

The Government of Pakistan profits greatly from such taxes and a great part of Pakistan’s revenue comes from this tax. The government used this tax to improve other important sectors of the country.

You can easily register for the sales tax number, so below are all the details to register for it!

Details to Register Sales Tax Number

Follow these easy steps to get your STN in a few days.

  • Applicant willing to register STN has to submit an application through Form (STR-1) to the Central Registration Office (CRO). You have to electronically submit the application, for instance, by courier or postal service. Local Registration Office (LRO) also accepts the application’s hard copy in case you are unable to send it to CRO electronically.
  • The CRO verifies information based on the available data of the applicant, whereas, many times the LRO enquires the information and verifies the documents attached to the application.
  • If the application passes through the scrutiny phase; the CRO mail a registration certificate with a registration number on Form (STR-5) to the applicant.

How to File Sales Tax Return?

Every registered individual has to submit the sales tax return by the fifteenth of every month for the sales of the last month. The tax return will be submitted electronically or you can also file the returns on e-portal by Federal Revenue Board (FBR).

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