Technological solutions by Dr. Muhammad Khurram and his team of researchers

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Pakistan is a developing country and more than one innovation is required to solve our issues. Dr. Muhammad Khurram Khan is the head of the Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence at the NED University who strongly believes that research and development can definitely help Pakistan to combat the issues that our society is facing.

Initially, the laboratory was funded by Dr. M. Khurram, but soon Koshish Foundation and German Institutions started to fund the lab in support. The lab was founded in 2014 and since then it has introduced many innovations to overcome the issues faced by citizens.

Some of the projects by this department include a smart water management system for farmers to predict the amount of water that is needed for crops based on some parameters, such as humidity, soil moisture and others. This approach helped in saving a lot of irrigation water and also resulted in huge crop yield.

Another project by this research centre includes a smart system for parking. Most of the traffic congestion in Pakistan occur while finding parking place thus, this system will help in finding a parking place in no time through smartphones. This system will not only solve the traffic issue,  but will also reduce carbon emission, parking ticket disputes, etc.

AIDEE is another project by the research centre that is specifically for hearing-impaired individuals and is in its prototype stage. The project includes a robot equipped with artificial intelligence that can be attached to the hands of the person. This robot hand will help in changing the speech input into visual representation to make it easier for the person to learn and understand.

The research department by Dr. M. Khurram is definitely a bastion of knowledge for those students that are interested in learning about artificial intelligence. Dr. Khurram’s Smart Cube Technologies Pakistan is an IT company aimed to serve the country through their AI services. S cube technologies Pakistan is also coming up with new ideas to resolve the current issues affecting the quality of life of people. The department is aiming to solve the industrial and trade issues faced by the country along with moving towards a more sustainable approach through new technology.

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