Telenor Djuice Call Packages 2017

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A few years ago, calling loved ones or business associates from abroad was a big hassle. People had to rush up to their neighbours’ house to call or go to the nearest PCO. But the world moved towards technological advancement, so followed the telecommunication sector of Pakistan.

Telenor is one of the prominent telecommunication companies working in Pakistan. Telenor call packages djuice is applauded by its customers for its fundamental increase in the offering of various call packages of different durations such as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Telenor Djuice call packages are highly demanded by the urban and regional residents of Pakistan. Telenor call packages are not only designed for specific regions of people, but bundles like djuice call packages are significantly designed to cater to all sorts of markets existing in Baluchistan, Sindh, KPK and Punjab etc. But what is more special about Telenor djuice call packages is that it does not only offer call bundles but also sells it in the most affordable prices.

Since the time Telenor adapted new connections of 3g and 4g, its offerings at cheaper rates as call (on-net – off-net mins) and internet packages are increasing in numbers. To help you find the latest Telenor djuice call package 2017, the list of on-going call packages are written below:

Telenor Djuice Daily Call Packages

The off-net charges of calls are normally expensive. The reason behind these excessive rates is that while they are normally given a shape of taxes, in actuality this whole fuss is dependent on MTP implications. Whenever PTA increases the rate of MTP it will directly affect the call charges and its expensive subscription.

For those who are not aware of MTR, it’s basically Mobile Termination Rate. It is a rate imposed by the PTA to the caller party who makes a call to off-net line numbers. They are separately charge for this and liable to pay the company of different network.

But the good news, effective from December 2017, PTA has reduced the MTR which is expected to be 0.75 per minute. Djuice daily call packages have also obtained benefits from these reduce rates and have increased the list of djuice call packages daily, in a phenomenal manner.

Telenor djuice daily call packages includes both Off-net, On-net, International and UAN call bundles as,


Package Name  Volume Price Validity Time Subscription Code Eligibility
Din Bhar Offer 20 Minutes Rs.8 1 day 12AM-7PM *5*727# For all Telenor prepaid customers,not Djuice
3 Day Voice Offer 50 Minutes Rs.36 3 days 12AM-7PM *799# For Old talkshawk users only
Daily Hybrid Bundle 50 Telenor Minutes Rs.10 1 day 24 Hours *345*700# For all djuice users only.
Prime Time Offer Free on-net calls Rs.5 1 day 9PM-9AM *345*929# For all djuice users only.
Djuice Team Offer Free on-net & FNF calls Rs.6 1 day 24 Hours *345*11# For all djuice users only.
Full Day Offer 60 Minutes Rs. 13 1 day Valid until midnight of the day *5*250# For all Telenor price plan users
Telenor Good Time Offer Unlimited Rs.5.50 daily Full day for 2 hours (except 6pm-9pm) *345*20# All Telenor customers only.
Telenor 2 Paisa Daily Free off net and on net calls Rs.1.20 daily 24 Hours *020# All Telenor customers only.
24 Hour-Poora Pakistan Offer 75 minutes Rs.16.73 1 day 24 Hours *345*24# All Telenor economy subscribers.


*The above list includes daily packages which are subject to change by the company anytime and includes both inclusive and exclusive tax charges.

Telenor Djuice Weekly Call Packages

Like every other person, there are people who normally get spare time to call at night to call their relatives, friends or probably early in the morning.

Telenor djuice call packages weekly are the most common packages among people. By keeping an eye on the various use of packages according to people and their time of making calls, Telenor djuice weekly call package is currently offering three call packages where djuice call package weekly has one offer in the current.

Telenor djuice call packages weekly, have the following lists:


Package Name  Volume Price Validity Time Subscription Code Eligibility
Haftawarr Chappar Phaar Offer 70 Mb (1200 mins Onnet) Rs.50 7 days Midnight till 7th day Onlyavailable via Telenor app or official website All Telenor users
Haftawaar Sahular Offer Off-net 70 mins and Onnet 1000 mins Rs.95 7 days Midnight till 7th day  


All Telenor subscribers.
Telenor 2 paisa weekly offer 2 paisa per sec for all networks  Rs.4.78 7 days Midnight till 7th day *345*227# All Telenor subscribers.
3day Onnet offer 250 Telenor minutes  Rs.25 3 days (tentative) Officially 3 days can be utilized if any individual day is missed. It can be avail on another day. *730# All djuice customers only


All the above packages include provincial tax rates.

Telenor Djuice Monthly Call Packages

Monthly call packages are the easiest to use and the most fulfilment prevailing packages. Through their use you don’t have to worry whether you talk on a cellphone for one hour or two. You can talk to anyone at any time whenever you want for the whole month.

Telenor djuice call packages monthly, are basically the post-paid calling packages. In a simple way, where you purchase Telenor monthly card, subscribe to djuice call packages monthly and can enjoy the free hand calls both on net or off-net networks.

Telenor djuice monthly call packages 2017, have the following list of monthly packages:


Package Minutes Price Subscription code Eligibility
On net bundle 100 200 Onnet minutes Rs.100+tax *345*831# For all djuice and Telenor old users.
Any network voice bundle 100 40 minutes on all networks Rs.50+tax *345*821# For all Telenor users.
Any network voice bundle 250 200 minutes free on all networks Rs.250+tax *345*822# For all djuice subscribers
Any network voice bundle 550 550 minutes on all. Rs.550+tax *345*823# For all telenor post- paid customers
On net bundle 550 2500 Onnet free mintues Rs.550+tax *345*833# For all telenor customers


Notice: All above packages are truly tentative in terms of prices and validity. It can be terminated any time by Telenor co.

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