Telenor and Djuice 2G, 3G, 4G Postpaid Packages

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Telenor Postpaid Packages 4G

Internet is an important part of our daily lives and going about our day without any internet connection may sound dreadful for most of us. Many times we may not have the convenience of the internet but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy surfing the web or using our social media accounts at great internet speeds. If you are a Telenor Postpaid or Djuice Postpaid customer, then you can subscribe to Telenor postpaid packages mentioned below to enjoy a great internet connection. Check out the details of the internet packages below.

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Freedom Internet 2000 Package

This package offers 25GB of the internet to users at Rs. 2000. You can enjoy using the internet without any interruptions. This Telenor postpaid package can last for the whole month depending on your consumption.

PackageFreedom Internet 2000
PriceRs. 2000
Activation CodeDial *345#
Detail25 GB

Freedom Internet 1200 Package

With Freedom Internet 1200 package, you can enjoy hours of the internet in Rs. 1200. Enjoy streaming videos, listening to songs or updating your social media with Telenor Freedom Internet 1200 Package. This Telenor postpaid package is valid for 30 days.

PackageFreedom Internet 1200
PriceRs. 1200
Activation CodeDial *345#
Detail12 GB

Freedom Internet 800 Package

This package offers 8GB of the internet in Rs. 800 and gives you the freedom to use the internet without a worry for 30 days.

PackageFreedom Internet 800
PriceRs. 800
Activation CodeDial *345#

Freedom Internet 500 Package

If you’re a moderate user, then you can opt for the freedom internet 500 package, it offers 5GB of the internet for the 30 days at Rs.500.

PackageFreedom Internet 500
PriceRs. 500
Activation CodeDial *345#
Detail5 GB

Freedom Internet 250 Package

Enjoy 2000 MBs of the internet at an affordable rate of Rs. 250 with this postpaid internet bundle by Telenor. Enjoy social media apps and more for 30 days.

PackageFreedom Internet 250
PriceRs. 250
Activation CodeDial *345#
Detail2000 MBs

Mega Bundle (Malaysia)

In just Rs. 999 you can enjoy 30 days of fast speed internet anywhere in Malaysia with Mega Bundle package.

PackageMega Bundle Malaysia
PriceRs. 999
Activation CodeDial *759#
Detail3,000 MBs

Mega Bundle (Thailand)

Looking for convenient internet in Thailand? With this package, you get 3000 MBs of the internet at just Rs. 900 for 30 days.

PackageMega Bundle Thailand
PriceRs. 999
Activation CodeDial *759#
Detail3,000 MBs

Terms and Conditions

      ·   You can use these bundles on 2G, 3G, and 4G Telenor or Djuice networks.

     ·   These packages can be availed by Telenor or Djuice Postpaid customers only.

     · These bundles are pro-rated.

     ·  You can only subscribe to one internet bundle at a time.

     ·  Bundles will be renewed automatically at every billing cycle.

     ·  Prices of these bundles can be altered by the service provider.

     ·  Upon the directions of the Supreme Court, consumer taxes will be applied on telecom services and are applicable on postpaid bills since April 25, 2019.

     ·   AJK and GB will run at 0 tax.

     ·   Consumers will be charged PKR 1.024 /MB. (64KB Pulse) at a default rate for Pay As You Use.


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