Telenor Talkshawk & Djuice 3G Packages – Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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Although it hasn’t been long since 3g connections have stepped into Pakistan’s telecommunication market, there is already heavy competition between the various companies. And why should they not be competitive? 3g services are currently the most demanded service of the average smartphone user. Previously, people were enjoying unlimited bundles of SMS and call packages but now their demand has doubled for 3g and 4g network.

Telenor net packages introduced 3g featured connections back in 2015. Initially, there was immense pressure on Telenor internet with the newly adopted 3g services; the reason being that Telenor secures more than 85% individual sim accounts in its database. To handle them all equally was a difficult task.

But Telenor has proven its credibility in the past few years with efficient delivery of 3g as well as the fast speed coverage of the 4g connection.  To cater to the needs of its old and new customers Telenor is constantly launching new and cheaper internet bundles/packages.

Currently, Telenor 3g internet packages are providing four durations including hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. If you are looking to avail any of the Telenor 3g and 4g packages, the information you require is below:

Telenor Hourly 3G Package

Telenor hourly 3g packages are the best in terms of features. For example, if a person whose daily use of the internet is up to 60 minutes then he should consider Telenor hourly internet package.

Telenor 1 hour internet package can be availed on any day of the week, considering the maximum limit of the days. It can be either for 3 days or 5 days depending on the package and its validity.

Telenor hourly 3g package has the following list of features

 3g/4g Package  Price  MB Validity Subscription Code
4g 3 day bundle Rs.42 200MB + 200MB free for Facebook 3 days *32#
Internet city offer Rs. 12 (for Karachi only) prices of rest city vary 100 MB (vary city to city) 1 hour *345*211#

Currently, telenor hourly 3g bundles are only offering two packages which are subject to change any time by company policy. Internet City offer is the best 3g internet package, for getting a rate of your city inclusive with tax charges to visit the official Telenor website.

Telenor Daily 3G Packages

Telenor daily 3g packages offer uninterrupted internet speeds to its customers. This is a complete value for money deal.

3g/4g Package  Price  MB Validity Subscription Code
4g Daily Lite Bundle Rs.12 50 Mb  Daily *12#
Internet city offer Rs.4 (for Charsadda only) prices of the different city vary 100 MB (vary city to city)  Daily or weekly *345*211#

Telenor Weekly 3G Packages

Telenor weekly net packages are basically designed to help out those individuals whose affordability is limited while their use of the internet is also minimal compared to monthly packages. Telenor internet packages weekly are not only affordable but also high in MB and quality.

For the Telenor Talkshawk and djuice customers, Telenor has listed talkshawk internet packages as well as djuice 3g packages weekly.

3g/4g Package  Price  MB Validity Subscription Code
Weekly plus bundle Rs.120 1500 MB 7 days *73#
4g weekly bundle Rs.75 750 MB Weekly *72#

Telenor Monthly 3G Packages

Telenor monthly internet packages offer quality video streaming, email or downloading any heavy files.

Below is the list of three Telenor monthly 3g packages:

3g/4g Package  Price  MB Validity Subscription Code
4g monthly starter bundle Rs.250 3000 30 days *302#
4g monthly bundle Rs.500 6000 30 days *303#
4g Monthly Plus Bundle Rs.750 10,000 30 days *345*136#


The above monthly cater to all Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice users.

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