The Ultimate Guide To The Best Desi Food In Karachi

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Karachiites are foodies. There’s nothing more they love than food. And when it comes to desi food, the choices are endless.

There are many restaurants in Karachi that offer some of the best barbeques, karhais, biryanis and nihairs. From the tender and juicy malai botis to the spicy and delectable niharis, the desi cuisines in Karachi are unmatchable. Every restaurant in Karachi offers a unique taste, but obviously people prefer one over another due to their preferences. Karachi’s special dishes cannot be counted on finger tips, but if you want the best desi food in Karachi, then you may want to consider visiting the following restaurants.

So, without testing your food patience further, we present the ultimate desi food guide for Karachi:


Located at Do Darya, one of the most exotic places in Karachi, Kolachi is one of the best restaurants in Karachi to dine. From the atmosphere and environment of the restaurant to the quality of food they offer, everything is perfect. Their Malai Handi, Sajji, Tikka, Prawns and all other barbeque items are full of flavor. Main course is served with piping hot Parathas or Tandoori Rotis straight from the tandoor.

Kolachi’s seafront setting is extremely beautiful as it offers a great view. You not only get to enjoy a great desi dinner at Kolachi, but can also relax sitting by the sea.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight is the restaurant that has not lost its charm despite gaining remarkable success. They have maintained their food quality even after expanding rapidly. In addition to this, they have also maintained their hygiene standards and their waiters are well groomed.

If you’re at Bilawal Chowrangi and want to enjoy desi food, then there’s no better place than to stop by at BBQ Tonight. Offering the best BBQ in Karachi, at BBQ Tonight you can place your order for Afghani Boti, Bihari Kabab, Seekh Kabab, Mutton Chops and Beef Ribs and surely you won’t regret! Brain Masala and Prawn Masala are as delicious as the other dishes mentioned here. You can also opt for their lip smacking and full of flavor vegetarian dishes.


One of the new eateries in Karachi that has created quite a buzz with its high quality desi food is Kababjees. From Fry Kabab to BBQ items, the restaurant offers everything. Moreover, it is known as one of the best Karachi restaurants due to its wide range of desi dishes.

Zameer Ansari

Zameer Ansari is one of the best places to eat in Karachi, and also one of the well-priced BBQ restaurants. Zameer Ansari offers the best BBQ dishes at extremely reasonable prices. Whether you’re out with your friends, or with your family, Zameer Ansari should be your choice. The only drawback of this restaurant is its seating space. Even though they do have a family hall, but most of the families prefer to eat in their cars. However, if you’re with your friends, you can certainly choose a roadside table and enjoy your Beef Bihari or Chicken Malai Boti. Of all the varieties, Shahi Chatakh is the dish you must try.

Al Ghaffar Kabab House

Located in a side lane off Tariq Road, Al Ghaffar Kabab House is a multi-story restaurant with a family hall. The rooftop space is usually used for family groups. A direct rival of Zameer Ansari, they also opened a new outlet at Port Grand. The food quality at both the outlets is outstanding, especially their Bihari Chicken, Gola Kabab and Karhai.

Al Ghaffar also offers Kababs and Paratha Rolls for those who are looking for delicious desi food. On their menu, Dhaga Kabab is the king!

Zahid Nihari

Zahid Nihari is a treat for all Nihari lovers. Karachiites are extremely passionate about Nihari and do not compromise on its taste or quality. Even though, there are many established names such as Sabri and Javed Nihari, Zahid Nihari is famous among them all due to its quality and unique taste. The perfect balance of flavors and spices, Zahid Nihari offers a taste like no other.

Even if you’re a first time visitor, the first bite will be more than enough to justify the taste that Zahid Nihari offers. You can also enhance the taste of your Nihari by adding either bone marrow or brain in it. Also, they offer Nihari tin packs, suitable for overseas Pakistanis.

Super Salateen

Who serves the best Karhai in town? It’s Super Salateen.

Located adjacent to Saima Mall at Dalmia Road, Super Salateen offers the best solution for your Karhai cravings. They fuse spices with chicken in a way that creates a mouth-watering and luscious Chicken Karhai. One can simply say that at Super Salateen, everything is perfect.

The list have been compiled after trying and tasting desi foods from various restaurants. If you want to add you favorite desi food restaurant in the list, let us know.

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