Ufone 3G/4G Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2019

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Ufone offers a wide range of internet packages to its customers. The telecom giant has managed to make a strong presence in the country’s telecom industry by becoming a top 3rd telecom operator in Pakistan. The company announced some new 3G and 4G packages and social bundle offers for its prepaid and postpaid customers.

Ufone Daily 3G/4G Internet Packages

Mentioned below are four daily internet packages that are offered by Ufone to its customers including Pricing, Volume, Subscription, and Validity.

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Daily light bucket104024 hours*804#UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy bucket157524 hours*8042#*4804#
Special daily bucket055001 AM- 09 PM*810#UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet bucket12204801 AM- 08 AM*550#*5501#

Ufone 3 Day 3G/4G Internet Package:

Here is a 3 Day internet package provided by Ufone to its customers including Pricing, Volume, Validity, Subscription, and method to unsubscribe.

PriceRs. 25
Volume100 MBs
FreebiesFacebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line
Timing24 Hours
Validity3 Days
How To SubscribeDial *3350#
How to UN-SubscribeNot announced

Ufone Weekly 3G/4G Internet Packages

There are two Weekly 3G Bundles among weekly Ufone Internet Packages

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Weekly Light bucket502507 Days*7811#N/A
Weekly heavy bucket13012007 Days*220#N/A
Weekly Internet Plus 17530007 Days*260#

Ufone Monthly 3G/4G Internet  Packages

Here are three monthly internet packages provided by Ufone to its customers including Pricing, Volume, Validity, Subscription and Unsubscription details.

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Monthly 1GB Bucket2501,02424 hours*7807#N/A
Monthly 3GB Bucket5003,07224 hours*803#N/A
Monthly 10GB Bucket1,00010,24024 hours*5100#N/A

The details of every monthly internet package are mention below:

Ufone Social Internet Packages

Ufone is surprisingly providing Free Social bundles to its customers to keep them connected with their friends and family

Social DailyRs. 5100 MB01 Day*4422#
Daily ChatRs.510,000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp01 Day*3465#
Streaming OfferRs. 8500 MB (Youtube / Daily Motion)01 Hour*78#
Social MonthlyRs.50Free Usage on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.30 Days*5858#

Simply dial *3# to select your desired Ufone 3G and 4G internet package now.

Other Ufone 3G Internet Packages

In addition to the above packages, Ufone also offers following 3G Internet Packages:

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)Validity (Days)Subscription Code
Postpaid 1GB300102430*4547#
Postpaid 3GB700307230*805#
Postpaid 5GB1000512030*7550#
Postpaid 10GB12001024030*8550#

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Prepaid 3G Internet Packages

All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only

Buckets can be subscribed by dialing *3#

Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of Prepaid 3G buckets. However, dial *707# to check the remaining balance of Social Data Buckets. Standard charges apply.

Multiple subscriptions of the same bucket are not allowed.

Weekly 3G Bucket is allowed for multiple subscriptions.

All daily Mobile Internet Buckets are recursive. Buckets can be unsubscribed by dialing respective un-subscription codes.

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

All buckets are valid for postpaid customers only

Buckets can also be subscribed by dialing *3#

Dial *4545# to check the remaining balance of the buckets

Multiple subscriptions of the buckets are not allowed.

Dial *7701# to deactivate 3G on your connection.

Limitations of Ufone Mobile Internet Packages

Multiple subscriptions are allowed (Monthly & Super Monthly)

Multiple subscriptions are allowed only in case of Daily Manual bundle, No of MBs will increase but expiry will be 24 hours from the subscription (Daily)

Bundle and shortcode access only allowed for “Uth Pack” brand

Auto-subscription not offered i.e. Subscription will expire after 30 days (Monthly & Super Monthly)

The users on other Ufone packages will not be allowed to avail this bundle

Ufone Mobile Internet Package Inquiry

Uth Pack users will be able to check Mobile Internet remaining balance of the subscribed bundles through:

Shortcode: 6821 @ Rs. 0.50+Tax or

Dial *706# @ 20paisa+Tax.

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