UK’s new work visa policy – Pakistani students in UK get a 2-year work visa

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The UK is moving forward to increasing the number of international students, for which, they have introduced a new work visa policy. According to this new policy, the students will get 2-year to find a job in the UK.

The UK Home Office has relaxed its work visa policy to encourage more international students coming to the UK for higher studies. Initially, students had to find a job within 4 months after completing their degrees but with this policy, they can find a decent job within a good period. In this way, students can unlock their actual potential by finding a suitable job for themselves.

The current visa policy was formulated by Theresa May back in 2012 when she was the Home Minister. The proposed work visa policy will be applicable from next year.

This new policy will turn out to be a great opportunity for Pakistani students in the future.

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