What Is a Hoverboard and How to Ride It?

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Every day we explore unique ways to make our lives easier and better. For early humans, learning to ride on the back of a horse was an achievement until they developed a wheel, and started using it for transportation. Every technology we have built so far is the outcome of the evolution of our needs and desires. Walking, although a healthy activity, has become a daunting task particularly in urban culture, where people try to conserve as much energy as they can to use it for accomplishing other productive tasks.

This very need has given birth to a new innovation commonly referred as Hoverboard Segway. A smart variant of skateboard, hoverboard has caught eyeballs of many during the past few years. If you have seen them, you probably have heard many monikers attributed to it like skateboard, self-balancing scooter, bluetooth segway, segway hoverboard, electric scooter, balance smart wheels, etc. But whatever you may call these commuting devices, they are growing and literally forming a market of their own.

Many of them have the ability to move at an average speed of 15 miles per hour (mph), which is extremely fast considering the fact that Usain Bolt sprints at a speed of 23 mph. Though the device and its features are extremely attractive, many struggle to ride it properly. So, if you’re planning to buy a hoverboard and want to save yourself from the embarrassment of kissing the pavement in front of others, then there are few steps that you should follow. Mastering hoverboard riding requires little practice and patience. Once you learn how to control it, you can easily move around effortlessly on your shiny segway in no time.

How To Ride A Hoverboard – A Step By Step Guide

Step One: Check The Charging Status of Your Hoverboard

Before stepping on the hoverboard, you need to check if your hoverboard is charged or not. Certainly, you will not be able to ride a hoverboard if it’s dead. After checking the charging status of your device, turn it on and get ready to ride it. It is important to note that if your hoverboard has different ride modes, then you have to set it on the “Beginner Mode” to start off easily.

Step Two: Stepping On The Hoverboard

Now put one foot, preferably the dominant one, on the hoverboard into an upright and riding level position. Once you’re comfortable with it, set the other foot on the hoverboard naturally like you’re walking up stairs.

Hoverboards are designed to electronically balance you once you stand on it properly. However, if you are afraid of trying, then try doing it standing next to a wall or with something that you can hold while stepping on the board.

Step Three: Moving The Hoverboard

Now that you know how to balance yourself on the board, it’s time for you to actually start riding your segway. Moving the board is really easy, however, it goes without saying that there’s a slight learning curve to it. It’s a very simple concept, you have to shift your weight forward and backward by leaning and the board will move accordingly. At first, you may wobble but it happens with all of us. Moving the board may appear difficult, but you will become much more stable after your first ride.

Step Four: Turning The Hoverboard

For turning the board, you have to follow the similar pattern that you have used for moving it. We advise you to imagine as if you’re standing on a board. To turn left, push your right foot forward and to turn right, push your left foot forward. The independent pressure applied by foot will give it the twisting motion and will move the hoverboard physically.

We highly recommend you to start with slow and controlled turn before getting into quick spins. It’s fun to spin once you master the art of riding the board. You can use your skills to spin quickly in place, or if you really want to change it up, you can even use your board for dancing (apparently it’s called “hoverdancing”).

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