YouTube Pulse Incorporates Pakistani Brands into the Event

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YouTube is an online video platform that has long been known for various reasons – some use the app and website in order to watch their favorite music videos, some prefer to watch full length movies and some turn to YouTube for the purpose of creating content in the form of videos which are then uploaded to their channels. Regardless of which purpose you use YouTube for, it’s safe to say that everyone is familiar with it considering it is the most popular online video platform today.

In the light of recent events, a lot of marketers, business owners and online media generators as well as content creators were seen attending one of the most enlightening event of the year: YouTube Pulse.

What Is YouTube Pulse?

YouTube is an organized event for the purpose of showcasing brands plenty of ways to use YouTube extensively for their own benefit. In layman terms, YouTube hosts such events when the online video platform is sure that a certain region is ready to up their advertising standards to the next level. The YouTube Pulse 2018 event highlighted several different statistics:

  • 43% of users prefer YouTube over TV ads
  • 73% monthly reach of Pakistan internet users
  • 6M internet users – 27% YoY growth
  • 8M use internet via mobile – 21% of pop
  • 73% of internet users use YouTube monthly
  • Videos make 40% of all data use
  • 80% YouTube reach to online millennial living in metro cities in Pakistan
  • 64% of online Pakistanis say YouTube is their favorite video platform
  • 68% of YouTube users go to YouTube when reviewing product or brand information
  • 650+ YouTube Channels in Pakistan with 100K+ subscribers, 80x increase from 8 channels in 2016
  • 40% of Pakistanis who use both YouTube and TV think the brands shown on YouTube are more credible than the ones on TV

The main reason why YouTube chose this year specifically to launch the event in Pakistan, is because the number have risen significantly in a matter of just two years. While it is true that several companies from across the globe are reluctant to invest in Pakistan or to bring offers to it that ensure international exposure, the tables now seem to be turning in favor of Pakistan, among other regions in Asia.

Public Speakers that Attended the Event

The event called upon several different public speakers, all of whom are renowned mostly around the world for various different reasons. These public speakers included:

Each of the public speakers spoke in respect to their own causes and added some important and golden moments to the overall event.

A Special Award Was Won by a Recent but Leading Brand

Special awards were given to several winners on YouTube, but the one that stood out the most was the one that was handed to the leading brand Goto Pakistan. The brand was the 2018 Winner YouTube Ads Leader for their YouTube ad video titled Kia Pakistan India per Baazi Lay Gaya?

The Creative and Media Agency behind this genius video advertisement was Olive Digital, and the Brand was leading Pakistani ecommerce website called The advertisement reached a total of 7 million views and was unique yet fun to watch at the same time. The brand got their point across and gave the viewer a good chuckle all in a span of 5 minutes.

Moreover, the mere fact that YouTube Pulse was brought to Pakistan for various reasons is definitely something worthy of celebrating because not only has this opened various opportunities for Pakistanis, it is also a move that made Pakistanis feel recognized and appreciated by the tech giant.



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